2015 PSAD Conference


 129th Annual Conference and 134th Anniversary

Hosted by Greater Philadelphia Chapter of PSAD
at Crowne Plaza in King of Prussia
260 Mall Blvd, King of Prussia, PA 19406
August 6-9, 2015

General Meeting and Exhibition are open to the public.
Combo includes: Program book, workshops, Friday and Saturday activities.
Friday night: Welcome Receptions with Appetizers with an optional of playing a game of poker or bingo.
Saturday night: Dinner and entertainment
Thursday – Valley Forge Tour ($20) **First come, first serve (up to 33 seats)**
Friday – Poker ($20)
Friday – Bingo ($20)

Conference Flyer and Registration Form (updated 3/10/2015)
Click here to view Flyer and Registration Form

Exhibitor Form (added 3/9/2015)
Click here to view Exhibitor Form

Conference Advertisement, Sponsorship and Donation Letter  (added 3/26/2015)
Click here to view letter.

Sponsorship (added 3/26/2015)
Click here to view Sponsorship Form page 1.
Click here to view Sponsorship Form page 2.

Conference Donation (added 3/26/2015)
Click here to view Conference Donation Form.

Program Book Advertisement  (added 3/26/2015)
Click here to view Program Book Advertisement Form.

If you have any general question about the conference/combo, Please contact Charles McGowan via email: chasmcg.psad2015@gmail.com


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PSAD North Central Chapter – Lasagna Dinner and Raffle Baskets

Come And Join Us for the North Central Chapter-PSAD

Lasagna Dinner and Raffle Baskets

At the Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living

24 East Third Street, Williamsport, PA


Saturday, April 25, 2015

5:00 PM to??



Lasagna, Salad, Dessert, Bread, Coffee, Tea, Water

               Raffle Basket tickets – 1 – $1.00, 6 – $5.00, 13 – $10.00


For more information, contact:

Lynn Stroud, Chairperson

570-955-3256 VP or E-mail: psadlynn@gmail.com

——————————————————————————————Name: ___________________________________________________________


Address: _________________________________________________________




VP, TTY or FAX: (_____) _________________   



How many? ______ X $10.00 per person = _____________


Checks payable to NCC-PSAD and mail to:

Lynn Stroud, 948 Locey Creek Road, Middlebury Center, PA 16935

(Reservations are appreciated, Walk-ins are Welcome, Take-outs are available)



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Youth Fishing Weekend 2015

We regret to inform you all that Youth Fishing weekend for this year 2015 is cancelled.

As you probably know, we are having problems with our water well at PSAD Land Camp. There is not enough water coming out.  We are actively pursuing solutions for the problem with a local Clearwater County Water Well Specialist.   The issue will be resolved this spring.
We will begin planning Youth Fishing Weekend 2016 soon.  Thank you for understanding.

Any questions or concerns, contact Jerald Cohen, Chairperson of PSAD Land Committee at 561-290-1141 or email psadcamp@psadweb.org

Thank you

Jerald M. Cohen

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Announcing to seek a Representative of PSAD to fill in the PARC seat vacancy!

PSAD want to take the time to thank James Chris Noschese for representing PSAD for a long time.  His term will end this summer.  Please see the description below about what is expected of a representative. 
If you are interested, please let PSAD President Jeffrey Yockey know.  His email is psadjeff@comcast.net.

What is a Rehabilitation Council?

The Rehabilitation Council is a statewide citizens group created to advise the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) about how well its programs and services match the needs of people with disabilities. Fifty percent of the Rehabilitation Council members are either persons with disabilities or have family members who are persons with disabilities.

Every state has a Rehabilitation Council. Many states have a separate Rehabilitation Council for the state agency, which serves persons who are blind or who have visual impairments. Pennsylvania has a combined state agency and a single Rehabilitation Council.

Active Participation:

In order to fulfill its federal requirements, the Rehabilitation Council must have active participation by its members. Active participation is defined as:

  • Attend all four (4) of the scheduled full Council meetings in any fiscal year. Severe weather and personal emergencies are understandable exceptions.
  • Participate on at least one standing committee or ad-hoc committee during the fiscal year.
  • Respond to action items during or between Council meetings. Examples may include, but are not limited to:
    • Review of support documents for meeting action items.
    • Review and return of surveys, draft documents, etc. when requested.
  • Attend Office of Vocational Rehabilitation public meetings, State Board meetings, Consumer Advisory Committee meetings, etc. when feasible.

Represent the Rehabilitation Council in Meeting and Work Groups:

Although members represent diverse constituencies and points of view, it is important for the Rehabilitation Council to speak as a single entity in meetings and work groups. The Council recognizes that individuals may also wish to convey additional opinions or information during discussions. In order to assure consistency without restricting members’ actions, the following guidelines were adopted on April 14, 1999:

If a Rehabilitation Council member is serving on a rehabilitation related work group, committee or is giving testimony as a designated and official spokesperson of Council, the following guidelines will apply:

  • The Council member shall state that s/he is representing the Rehabilitation Council.
  • The Council member shall state the Council’s official position on the subject being discussed if one exists or is known. If the Council’s official position is unknown or has not been developed, the Council representative shall indicate that s/he will request the Council’s office to forward the position or ask the Council to review the subject and render an official position if one is needed.
  • The Council member may have a different, personal opinion on the subject being discussed. If this is so, the Council member should state that it is a personal opinion and not the official position of PA-Rehabilitation Council.
  • The Council member shall not commit financial support and/or other resources of the Council to any non-RC committee, workgroup, function, etc., without the previous authorization of PA- Rehabilitation Council.
  • In order to receive reimbursement for expenses occurred while acting as a designated Council spokesperson, the member shall follow established procedures for obtaining reimbursement.

These objectives are meant solely to improve and expedite the accomplishments of the Rehabilitation Council, so as to better the lives of persons with disabilities. Your cooperation and time are appreciated.

If you are interested in becoming a member and can meet the expectations, please complete the Appointment Request Form and return to: Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Council Office, 1902 Market Street, Camp Hill PA 17011. Also, forward a word document of your resume and two references familiar with your disability related work/experiences to racucpca@parac.org.

When the Appointment Request Form, Resume and References have been received in the office, the PaRC members review them and make recommendations to the Governor’s Office. The Governor appoints all members.

All meetings will be held in the Leland Room on the 2nd Floor of the Harrisburg Hilton.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday, August 26 and 27, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015.

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North Central Chapter Meeting on May 2nd 10AM to Noon

good morning everyone-
I will have North Central Chapter meeting on May 2nd 10 to Noon.   Then we can order Hoagies or Pizza that day.  Then Ben Moonan is coming to talk about VRI at 1 pm to 3 pm.
Please let me know which one you are interesting to eat lunch Pizza or Hoagies on that day May 2nd.  Also, Ben would like to know how many people are coming to Training on may 2 by April 28th  It is very important for EVERYONE to come.  Click here to view flyer: Wmsprt VRI Workshop (PDF)
Please let me know by Friday on which foods you prefer  and I will email everyone next week.
have a great day!!

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Mr. Siegel, Special Education Attorney Will Be Presenting 6 Workshops Across Pennsylvania

March 13, 2015

Please forward……

Programs of the Western PA School for the Deaf & the Office for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing is happy to bring Larry Siegel, special education attorney, to Pennsylvania, once again! Mr. Siegel will be presenting  6 workshops across Pennsylvania.  For more information, please view the flyers.

ODHH and WPSD hope to see you there!


Sharon Behun | Director PA Department of Labor & Industry | Office for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing 1521 North 6th Street | Harrisburg, PA 17102 Phone: 717.783.4912 v/tty | Videophone: 717.831.0308 Phone: 800.233.3008 v/tty (PA only) | Fax: 717.783.4913  sbehun@pa.gov



2 Attachments

Larry Siegel workshop 2015 Eastern PA

Larry Siegel Workshop 2015 Western PA

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There Will Be Four Vacant Positions For PSAD Board of Managers at upcoming Conference this Summer

There will be four vacant positions on PSAD Board of Managers at the upcoming PSAD Conference.

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please submit your intention to
candidates@psadweb.org by June 8th.

Please open and review all PDF files below.
Letter to PSAD Members
PSAD Board of Managers Candidate Application
PA Criminal Record Check Form

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PIE Info: On-line ADA Complains

From: U.S. Department of Justice [mailto:usdoj@public.govdelivery.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2015 12:07 PM
Subject: Department of Justice Unveils New On-line Americans with Disabilities Act Complaint FormThe Department of Justice is pleased to announce that, as of today, individuals wishing to file ADA complaints with the Department will be able to fill out the form and submit it completely electronically. Filers will also immediately receive a “reference number” that can be used whenever contacting the Department about that complaint. Please visit www.ada.gov to view the new electronic form. Effective March 15, 2015, e-mail complaints will no longer be accepted by the Department. However, complaints will still be accepted by U. S. mail. Contact the Department’s ADA Information Line at 1-800-514-0301 (v); 1-800-514-0383 (tty) to receive a paper complaint form by mail.

Alerts, job postings, information and attachments sent out through the Policy Information Exchange (PIE) e-mail system are for information only and do not necessarily represent the position of the PIE or the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.  PIE forwards information and alerts to fulfill the requirement of the federal Developmental Disabilities Act to enhance self-advocacy on policy related matters by helping consumers, family members and others communicate with each other and disseminate timely information.


It is the mission of the Policy Information Exchange (PIE) to educate and inform Pennsylvanians with disabilities, their families and advocates, and the general public, regarding public policy issues and to further the exchange of policy information between the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council and federal, state and local policy makers.
The Policy Information Exchange is funded in part by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council. Website: www.paddc.org

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up to receive Policy Information Exchange (PIE) e-mail updates by sending an email to pie@thearcpa.org.

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Free Lectures Provided by Institute on Disabilities at Temple University




Supported Decision-Making and the Human Right of Legal Capacity
presented by Kristin Booth Glen

Professor and Dean Emerita at City University of New York School of Law and an activist for the rights of women, communities of color, LGBT, and persons with disabilities, among others.

DATE: March 19 / Thursday

TIME: 9:30AM to NOON (Registration begins: 8:30 AM)

LOCATION: Community Behavioral Health
801 Market Street, 11th Floor, Room 1154-A
/ Philadelphia, PA 10107

Act 48 credits and social work CEs are available.



Cultural and Linguistic Competence:
What Does it Mean for Disability Services and Supports
presented by Tawara D. Goode, MA

Director of National Center for Cultural Competence; Associate Director at Georgetown University Center for Child & Human Development  and Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics Georgetown University Medical Center

Although cultural and linguistic competence (CLC) is viewed essential to reducing disparities across human service sectors, many continue to struggle with the full integration of CLC. This lecture will describe frameworks for advancing and sustaining CLA (organizational and individual) across service systems for individuals with disabilities.

DATE: April 27 /Monday

TIME: 9:30AM to NOON (Registration begins: 8:30 AM)

LOCATION: Crowne Plaza, Philadelphia West / 4010 City Avenue / Philadelphia, PA 19131

Act 48 credits are available.



FREE EVENT! Registration is recommended.
Requests for accomodations must be made at least two weeks before event.

Email: iod@temple.edu 
Tel: 215-204-1356 (voice)
215-204-1805 (TTY)

Presented by the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University with co-sponsors Vision for Equality, The Alliance of Community Service Providers and PA Developmental Disabilities Council






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PSAD Board Highlights Since September 2014

Highlights of what the PSAD board has been doing since last Board Meeting in September 2014 in Philadelphia.

* Completed Diversity training, computer safety training and town hall meetings in three locations.
* Youth Day at King of Prussia in October. It was a success.
* Booth at Hearing Loss Expo
* Jeff Yockey and Elissa Clark attended DeafCAN banquet in Nov.
* We are making adjustments in our bylaws after the two year study.
* Holiday Cheer party at Valley View at Philadelphia.
* PSAD Campland’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been completed and now is back in business. Closed for the winter though.
* 32 new members since September 2014.
* The plans for Philadelphia conference in August is ongoing and many exciting things happening there along with fundraising efforts.

Note: Jeff Yockey had attended almost all of the events and things happening round PA.

North Central chapter at Williamsport is now fully operational. Harry Marchese and Jeff Yockey had been training and working with the newborn chapter. The chapter is very excited and has been hosting many fundraising events. Everyone are welcome to go to their events which had been posted on PSADEzine. Hope more of us can give them our support.

Looking ahead: all things we hope to happen and complete.
 * Legislative training coming soon in June. Details will be announced.
 * Youth day in March at Harrisburg and Pittsburgh in Fall.
 * Pet Expo a PSAD fundraiser in the Fall 2015 at Philadelphia area.
 * Chapter Retreat in August
 * PSAD Campland plans: Fishing Derby, Summer campout and Fall campout
 * Bringing back the Leadership Training program for 2016.
 * PSAD SOP is being reorganized and updated for the BOM’s advancement in PSAD operation management.
 * Fundraising committee working on researching grants and various types of fundraising for PSAD.

Anytime you as members of PSAD and chapters are interested in helping the board on certain things that you do know much about and could help will always be appreciated. We cannot do everything ourselves.

Respectfully submitted,
Grace Shirk-Emmons, Board Member

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