PSADLand (Camp)

(PSADLand Camp)


PSAD Camp and Training Center is a 156-acre campground where it is located about three miles off from state route 36 near Five Points, Pennsylvania in Clearfield County. Many PSAD members called that camp “PSADLand Camp”. PSAD owns, operates, and maintains the campground. PSAD is currently seeking a fund for camp construction projects as well as maintaining the campground.





PSAD acquired a 128-acre parcel from Pittsburgh’s Sportsmen Club for the Deaf in 1975. A first campout was established on the lower flat section at the southwest corner of campground in 1990. PSAD purchased a 28-acre parcel adjacent to PSAD Camp and Training Center on September 28, 2000.


Camp and Training Programs

  • Autumn Camp
  • Annual Silent Weekend Camp (PSAD Campout)

Future Summer Camps

  • Week-long camp outing for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing children
  • Weekend camp outing for all people
  • Camp for Children of Deaf Parents (CODA)
  • Senior Citizen Camp Outing Program

Future Training Sites

  • Youth Leadership Camp (YLC)
  • Outdoor Leadership Exercise Program (OLEP)
  • Leadership Training Program (LTP)
  • Sign Language Class for children and adults
  • Special Sign Language Class for interpreters and professions


PSAD Camp Construction Projects


PSAD Camp Construction committees are currently working on a construction projects. Several construction projects are:

  • Portable and Permanent Cabins
  • Bathhouses
  • Lodge
  • Outdoor Theater Area (future)
  • Outdoor Recreation Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Softball Field
  • Tennis, bocce, horseshoe, and volleyball courts
  • High-Low Elements Center for OLEP

Previous construction projects were complete by the camp committees who devoted their free time in building as listed below:

  • Pavilion Improvement Project
  • Maintenance Shed Improvement Project
  • Painting cabins

PSAD Camp Maintenance Project


Most volunteers drove more than two hours from their homes to maintain the campground on a regular basis such as:

  • Mowing at the top of campground
  • Trimming the trees
  • Gathering the firewood
  • Cleaning up the campground
  • Performing general camp maintenances


If you are interested to join PSAD Camp Maintenance committee as a volunteer, please contact Camp Director at