Vlog for upcoming Conference 2017





Hi, my name is Liz Hill and I am a PSAD board member. This month’s vlog is about our upcoming PSAD conference on August 10-13 in the Poconos! We are excited that many have already registered for the conference. I encourage you to consider coming also! Come and see old friends. There are many exciting things to look forward to at the conference. Come see who is running for the PSAD board this year, old and new faces alike. Propose and vote on resolutions that will determine our priorities for the next two years — what PSAD should focus on for the next two years. Discuss the bylaws amendments that members should have received in the mail for their review. There are also many good workshops! Learn about parliamentary procedure, techniques for being a secretary for a Chapter, and find out more about vp technology. At the same time, take an opportunity to see the beautiful area of the Poconos.

Here is the full conference schedule: http://www.psadweb.org/conference-schedule/

Information about game night available for all: http://www.psadweb.org/psad-conference-game-night-dingo-or-poker/

So yes, lots of work will happen at the conference but there will be fun also! I hope to see you all there on August 10!

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