More people needed on PSAD Board



I am Grace shirk Emmons, PSAD president…  I want to share something.  We have had hard time getting more people on the board.  There is just 9 of us so far.  I know and understand that many of you have your own commitments- family, work, and school.   I want you all to realize that on the board, we all have our own commitments too.  I myself have 7 children- 2 stepchildren, two nieces and 3 of my own.  I have 5 grandchildren that are so precious to me.  I have a husband.  Good thing that I am retired.  My board members also have their own commitments, family, jobs and school. Some are retired or do not have job but many do have jobs still.  I also notice that many people say PSAD is for the elites.  “Many people feel that they are not good enough to be on board.  Board don’t fit them. The truth is anyone can be on board.”  Many of us on the board do not have college degrees.  We are on the board because we value the deaf community and want to give back to the deaf community.  We would like to have more of you to be involved on board or on our committees.  It is hard for just us 9 to try to serve you all.

When something happens or there is a crisis, most would say PSAD should do something.  I see that happen often. The truth is there is only 9 of us and we all also have our own side commitments as family jobs and school. We try our best but 9 is not enough.  We need far more people to work with us. Please think about volunteering and to run as candidates at our next conference in August. That is if you really want to give back to the deaf community. Deaf community really need people who wants to give back to the community. We all really care about deaf community that we are willing to give up some of our time to serve all.  It is all volunteer time, no one gets paid.  Our Executive Director is only one who is paid but he is supposed to work just 20 hours a week.  He had worked far more than just 20 hours every week because he has the heart for deaf community.  He wants to give back to PA.

I hope you all would think about this and join us.  We need you all.

Thank you



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